A downloadable game for Windows

The Grim Puzzler is a puzzle-platformer where you play as The Grim Reaper, and having lost most of his powers, you must take control of your enemies and use them to your advantage.

This is a school project by 5 first year students, and we do have plans to continue to develop the game further.

Bjørnar Børsheim
Henrik Nordhagen Brenni
Jenny Trollebø Byrkjeland

Brede Johnsgård
Martin Lien

Install instructions

1. Download and extract the zip folder.
2. Run the .exe file to play

*Make sure you have unity installed to run the .exe file*


The_Grim_puzzler.zip 87 MB


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This was interesting but I couldn't solve the quest of the broken ladder...

(1 edit)

You should be able to fix the ladder while using the skeleton by pressing the down button, but it does not seem that the indicator (down button) is lighting up while you stand under it.